Transgender is an umbrella term for anyone whose internal experience of gender does not match the sex they were assigned at birth (normally based on primary and secondary sex charateristics). Transgender people may experience discomfort or distress due to their gender not aligning with their sex, and therefore wish to transition to being the gender they identify with.

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Bisexual pride flag

Created by Michael Page in 1998.

He noticed the majority of Bi+ people
felt less connection to the rainbow Pride flag and wanted to create a flag with symbols all Bi+ people could rally around.

Consists of 3 horizontal stripes representing attraction to multiple genders,

40% pink, alludes to the pink triangles, which was adopted by AIDS activist group ACT UP as a badge of solidarity and pride in the 1980s

20% purple, purple menace (lavender menace) another slang term for bi+ folks

40% blue, reflects multiple genders