Ordering online is one thing. Being able to fit your clothes before you buy them is heaven.

The people from Re-Love are kind and very helpful.

Clothing items you'll find in Re-Love are

- TransUndeez short & long binders

- BWYA short binders

- UNTAG tucking slips

- GenderGender padded panties

- GenderGender boxershorts

Swimwear you'll find in Re-Love are

- TransUndeez short swim binders

- UNTAG bikini tops & slips

- UNTAG swimsuits

You'll be able to buy carefully selected pride items from GenderGender.

Find your pride, wear it, show it.

Next to our products, Re-Love is mainly a second hand store. You'll also find beautiful clothing for low prices. Time to exchange your wardrobe!

Discover below how easy it is to reach Re-Love!

Walk / Bike

Walk or bike to the shop! It's always the best option when you're close enough.

Relax on the train or bus to Station Geel. Once you're there, it's only a 7 minute walk to the shop!

Re-Love is easy to reach by car.

You'll find them right outside of the city centre.

Re-Love has its own parking. Parking is free for clients.



Dr. Van de Perrestraat 109

2440 Geel


Tuesday - Saturday

10:00 - 17:30

Sunday - Monday